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Dr. Guse is one-of-a-kind! I started seeing him in 2003 for severe right hip pain and routine back and neck adjustments. I followed him as he founded his own clinic, as he was the only one who could adjust my hip joint to bring me some relief (despite his bad jokes)!

He’s allowed me to minimize the pain and delay seeking other advise for a couple of years. I still visit for weekly adjustments, since he is the only one that adjustments me to my satisfaction – and I’ve been to several chiropractors in my life. I feel so blessed to finally find a doctor who truly cares! I just wish he’d get some better jokes…

-Barbara M.

Dr. Guse has treated me with exceptional pain relieving chiropractic care for the last six years – the length of time that I have competed in the sport of power lifting. During this time period, I reached a 290 lbs squat, 180 lbs bench press and 330 lbs dead lift at a body weight of 105 lbs or less – with scoliosis and chronic pain! With Dr. Guse’s regular adjustments, and many miracles, I won two national power lifting championships and competed in three international contest, winning 3 gold medals, 2 silvers and a bronze for the USA.

In just 2007, my participation in this great sport almost came to an end when I was involved in a near-fatal car crash. My son and I suffered from the extreme pain of whiplash and my back was only again traumatically aggravated. This accident was going to end up making me miss my chance to be on the Team USA that year to compete at World’s in Austria. However, he encouraged me by saying that we still had a few more weeks to go and to just trust my body to heal – with his help of course – with a regular course of treatment during this time.

Four months later, I squatted 265 lbs and nearly stoop up with 287 lbs. I benched 176 lbs and deadlifted 309 lbs in the Women’s 105 lbs weight class, placing 7th.

Before Dr. Guse’s care, I had been treated by two other chiropractic clinics. Guse Chiropractic is, by far, the best!!! Thank you so much for enabling me to continue on in the sport I love and for helping me get through everyday life in great health. Dr. Guse, you ARE the best!

-Cheryl A.

I was having headaches several times a week. I was also having lower back pain pretty much constantly. When I met with Dr. Guse to do the initial assessment, I saw and felt the passion he has for not only his profession, but for his patients. He truly and genuinely cares about us. I am very impressed with how considerate, conscientious and attentive he is, from showing me proper posture, to the best exercises to strengthen my neck and lower back, to how my weekend was! I am now headache free and the lower back pain is not a constant any longer. He truly is doing something he loves and I for one am better because of it!

-Cheryl D.

I was in a car accident and Dr. Guse worked miracles! I was educated on my injury and comforted that it was treatable. I gained knowledge about the back, neck, nutrition and general health and it has improved my quality of life. The clinic is very professional and committed to recovery. Dr. Guse is extremely personable, knowledgeable and a straight talker. He is a country boy with country boy work ethics.

-Diane F.

For years, I had numbness in my right arm and hand. Driving short distances, my hand would go numb just hanging onto the steering wheel. I’d long ago misdiagnosed myself as having carpel tunnel. Come to find out, I had a neck injury several years ago that was never treated. After my first adjustment, I was amazed at the range of motion I could have. Driving home from the first appointment, I could already see a difference in how much more I could turn my neck and see the other cars by me. For many years I couldn’t turn y neck as far as I should’ve been able to. I can’t believe how long (15+ years) I lived with the pain and inconvenience of neck problems. I recommend Dr. Guse to everyone! Always friendly, talkative and pleasant to see. Thank you Guse Chiropractic!

-Heidi M.

After suffering for a couple months from neck and back pain I decided to go see Dr. Guse. After a discussion on what can be done, I decided to go ahead with Dr. Guse’s plan. After 3 weeks of treatment I started to feel a lot better. One morning I was in the exam room waiting for Dr. Guse and I was thinking to myself how much more energetic I was feeling. With three weeks of adjustments I have been able to go to the gym and work out. I continue to feel very energetic. I haven’t felt tired during the day. I don’t feel that I need as much sleep and not to mention the focus I have at work. I will continue to go to Guse Chiropractic for the rest of my life to optimize my health. Thank you Doc for the great care.

-James K.

When I first started getting treatments from Dr. Guse in February 2005, I had bad backaches most of the time. He treated me for a couple of months fairly regularly until I was in good enough shape to where I only see him once a week now. Dr. Guse has been so helpful to me. He has given my 78 year old body much more flexibility than I had when I began treatments with him. And he always has great suggestions in the way of exercising, eating healthily etc. I have a lot of faith in his abilities!

-Kathleen N.

I came to Dr. Guse’s office in extreme pain and unable to move my neck. I couldn’t even drive myself to his office. I have a newborn and a two year old so I was determined to get better. Dr. Guse diagnosed and began treatment on a problem which I have had for a few years. He had me out of pain in two weeks and I was able to drive myself to my appointments within 2 treatments. I am (almost) thankful that I injured myself because I have learned about my spine and how it affects my overall health. I now have more energy and wellbeing than I have had in a long time and I believe re-aligning my body has been the central part to my overall health. I am also thankful to learn about the care Dr. Guse provides so that my children can benefit from periodic care. I have also been very impressed by the staff and the genuine care they have for people’s health. Thank you Dr. Guse and your Staff!!!

-Kimberly K.

When I first came to Dr. Guse’s office I was in terrible shape. After a painful labor with my now 2 year old son, I ended up with three ruptured disks in my lower back and was living in constant agony. I had seen neurosurgeons and family practitioners who all recommended surgery. At 27 years of age, surgery was not going to be an option for me so I turned to the friendly offices of Dr. Guse in Maple Grove.

I will never forget the day I limped into his practice, having given up all hope and tormented by years of chronic pain. I was at the end of my patience and thought that if this wasn’t going to work, I didn’t know what was.

Even after the first visit I experienced less pain and throughout my therapy I was getting better and more hopeful with each day passing. Three months of therapy later I am feeling better than ever!!! I honestly don’t remember when I felt better. Dr. Guse and his wife are wonderful, warm and welcoming, professional and caring. They have literally save me from a life of misery!

I highly recommend Dr. Guse’s practice to anyone who needs help getting their life back.

With my deepest appreciation and thanks,

-Laura H.

I had a 50 foot fall when I was 32 years old. I’ve been seeing MD’s, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists for 22 years. NO ONE has helped me as much as Dr. Guse! I travel back to MN from Georgia to see him. My neck, shoulder and spine have been so much better since I was introduced to Dr. Guse. He has done wonders for me…With his care and doing what he tells you to do at home, everyone will benefit from his treatments and personalized care. Thank you Shawn (Dr. Guse)!!

-Linda J.

I came to Dr. Guse’s office from the advice of a dear friend and my medical doctor. I had been in several motor vehicle accidents over the past few years and have been suffering from the effects of the accidents. My neck, back, hips and abdomen were injured with symptoms ranging from headaches, being unable to move freely without pain and spasms to depression and an overall lack of hope for my health. I have tried other Chiropractors, Neurologists, emergency rooms & MD’s with no or little help.

The care at Dr. Guse’s office was different. They actually care about me and not my checkbook. I like the knowledge and honesty Dr. Guse has and how he explained everything to me.

I now have much better health, and an understanding of how to stay healthy (how to not undo what has been done for me). I can breath better, move with more flexibility, a tremendous decrease in pain and hope for my future.

Dr. Guse is not only a great doctor, he is a great man!

-Lorenzo T.

I started seeing Dr. Guse on a recommendation of one of my co-workers. I am a hairstylist and I was experiencing severe lower back pain. This is not good when you have to stand all day. After only 2 months of treatments I am feeling great. Also, on his recommendation of using an exercise ball to strengthen my core, I am losing weight and gaining muscle strength back. I will see Dr. Guse for as long as I am breathing.

Thank you Dr. Guse and Guse Chiropractic. You are truly the Best!!!

-Nicole B.

For the past two years or so I have been having a headache at least 3 times a week. At the end of my first phase of care I have not had one headache for about 2 weeks. I can turn my head farther than I can ever remember. I wake up in the morning without pain. Before my treatment with Dr. Guse I would have pain every day, no matter what kind of pillow I used. I can’t wait to continue with care with him.

Shawna G.

I feel like I’m 20 years old now!! ( I’m not, I am more than twice that).

I started hurting when I got out of bed and had a knot in my back. I thought all of this was age. It wasn’t! After 2 visits I was laughing at how great I really feel and how I’m not getting old!

Then, I had stomach pains, abdominal pains and I didn’t know why. Dr. Guse adjusted the areas of my spine that control the function of my stomach and believe it or not, my stomach pain of 3 months is gone! I had gone to MD’s and specialists with no help, just told to take this or that with no relief.

Dr. Guse told me to do certain thing to test my stomach and gallbladder over the weekend and I didn’t have any problems. Several days later and I still feel great. Amazing!!!

Sherri R.

I came to Guse Chiropractic seeking treatment for a herniated disk in my lower back which I was told to take pain medication or have surgery for. This would have just cover up the pain or caused scar tissue which was not an option for me. The pain in my lower back became so severe that it was difficult, if not nearly impossible, to sit or stand for even short periods of time. After being treated by Dr. Guse relief was almost immediate. The pain was lessened immensely after only a few treatments. Within a few weeks I was functioning almost normally. I work in the traditional health care field where these types of amazing results rarely occur without long term side effects.

I have chosen to continue with care for my overall health. I can now play softball with no ill effects from my low back. Thank you Dr. Guse!!!

-Stefanie S.

There is a movie called “The curious Case of Benjamin Button.” It is a movie about a that lives his life aging in reverse. I’m beginning to think I may be the female version of Benjamin!

I first came to Dr. Guse in severe pain at the end of September 2008 on the advice of a dear friend. It took a bit of pushing on her part because in my 58 years, I have never made an appointment with a chiropractor…a BIG mistake. (Note: Dr. Guse isn’t just any chiropractor of course.) However, my friend saw how much pain I was in and believed she knew the gentleman who could help me because Dr. Guse helped her. It was a leap of faith on my part, but the severe neck and shoulder pain I felt helped give me the additional push that I needed.

That was the beginning of my journey to similar to Benjamin Button’s. I now feel maybe around 50 years old, “youthenizing” from feeling around 80 years old. This is not bad at all for about a 14 week time period. I can’t wait to see how young I will feel in a year. It’s amazing what having one’s pain removed can do for a person’s sleep, energy level and outlook on life.

Thank you so much Dr. Guse and Guse Chiropractic for everything you have done for me and now my husband!

-Susan B.

My parents first took me to the family doctor when I was 6 years old. The advice that was given was to cut my hair. As years went by the headaches increased and worsened in pain. For the past 40 years I have been to doctors, had scans and tried more medications than I could count. Within 3 months I have the results I have tried to find over the past 40 years, medication free…with no side effects! I am finally able to function on a normal level again.

I thank Chiropractic and Dr. Guse every day!!!

-Tammy R.

After I was assaulted, I was referred to Dr. Guse by my physician. I was in so much pain from my head to the lowest point of my back with such a tightness and stiffness I was barely able to move some areas. Dr. Guse did an exam and ordered x-rays to see the extent of damage. From that point on he started to work his magic. Every week I could feel improvement. Dr. Guse’s knowledge, skill and passion for his work is always present and because of this he truly helps and heals people. I am at the end of my treatment and I feel almost 100%. I think I feel better than I did prior to the assault. His wife Angela is at the top of her game as well. I would and do recommend Dr. Guse to anyone and everyone!!!

Please understand that after a woman has been assaulted it takes a very special person to help them trust again. Dr. Guse has done that for me. That is why we nominated him for, and he won, the project P.E.A.C.E award for kindness and generosity to victims of domestic violence. He truly is a special human!

-Theresa D.

I began seeing Dr. Guse 15 years ago when he was just an intern. I had suffered with chronic, constant pain for 20+ years. My family consists of Orthopedic Surgeons (2 brothers) hospital administration (brother), and general physician (father). With all the love in the world, and ample resources, they were not able to help me with my pain. But a young chiropractor with a big heart did.

After my most recent neurology appointment, which resulted in getting yet another prescription for pain meds, I had lost hope. I, sadly to say, no longer wanted to be on earth. Who would when hope is lost for their future. But God spoke to me from all places, the radio. As I was driving home an advertisement on the radio played advising the listeners that if they were suffering with chronic pain that there might be an alternative approach with great success. I immediately picked up my cell phone and dialed.

Dr. Guse was able to see me the very next morning. After his first treatment I, for the first time in 20 years, felt relief. So much so, that I called my entire family on my way home to tell them. That was 15 years ago and I continue to see him for ongoing care. I gladly drive over 90 miles one way to see Dr. Guse at least one time per week.

It truly is in your best interest to see this amazing healer. He is not just another doctor like he likes to tell his patients. He is a HEALER!

Again, thank you so very much Dr. Guse for being exactly who you are.

-Pat B.

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